In Kingdoms Live, the quests provide you experience, gold and looted items. Every quest has a unique requirement of items, spells, mana and army size. Press “Quests” from the bottom menu to enjoy this section of the game.

Understanding the Quest screen:

The header of this screen is same as for the main menu and other screens. From the header you can keep track of your available mana which is required by the quests, so you can choose the one in your range. The detail description of this header is given on Main Menu’s page.

Under this header, different location tabs are given where you can do quests. Every location has its own quests. Choose the location of your interest and its related quests will appear in a list below.

The quests and locations are unlocked as you advance in the game. Higher levels unlock hard quests with advance requirements and rewards.


The format for all the quests is same. If you understand it well then it becomes easy for you to choose a quest. The name of the quest is given at the top, in a coloured strip under which its stats are given.


Under the name, the range of gold which you can achieve is given in yellow colour. For example, if it is written 20-27, it means that when you will complete the quest successfully, you will be rewarded with any random gold amount ranging from 20 to 27.


You gain experience after completing the quest. It is fixed and do not change. The experience for the quest is given under gold in white colour.

Loot chance:

If that quest has any loot chance, it will be highlighted in yellow colour by the words “chance of loot”. The looted items work in the same way as other armory. The only difference is that they cannot be purchased like others and can only be looted from the quests.


The requirements for a quest are given under the heading “required”. Every requirement is represented by its tiny picture and its quantity needed. For example, in Fight Soldier the mana is represented by a blue ball and 1 which means one mana is required for that quest.

The quests require specific items, spells or army size. If you do not meet any of the requirements, you will be unable to do that quest. The requirements which you do not fulfil are highlighted red which helps you analysing the quests quickly.

Towards the right side there is only one button; “Do it”. Press it if you want to do that quest. The result will appear in a second in which your rewards and used things will be mentioned. You can do a quest as many times as you want.

How to choose a quest?

Choose the quest according to your need of the game. If you want gold, do quests with more gold rewards. If you want to get more experience to reach next level then choose the ones with more experience points. If you have less mana, do the quests with less mana requirement. If you need looted items in your armory or these items are required by other quests, then do quests with a loot chance. It is a good idea to do a variety of quests.


  • Increase your maximum limit of mana by using skill points. It will allow you to do more quests in one session.
  • When you have used all of your mana, come after sometime as it will be restored by then. Play several times a day to avail the opportunity of restored mana.
  • Visit the page “Types of quests” to have knowledge of all the quests in Kingdoms Live.



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