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Welcome to the Game Guide of Kingdoms Live. You can find all the tips and necessary information at this site which will help you to build a successful Kingdom. This guide covers all the important areas of the game; main screen, quests, battles, armory and land.

Its easy to add your alliance code to the list. Simply enter it in the box below along with the verification code and click “Add Code”. Your code can be found on the main screen of the Kingdoms Live game from Storm8. This page will save a number of codes, once the codes recycle, it will automatically be removed from the list. Come back often to update storm8 codes , gain alliance members, and keep recruiting.

One of the key elements of Kingdoms Live is to build your alliance size. The larger your alliance, the more support you can muster to complete missions, win battles, and defend your army.

Please do not add fake codes. It’s annoying and makes the game less fun. If you find any fake codes listed, please send us an email through the contact form so that we can remove the broken codes as soon as possible.

Crashing the Kingdom

Is it possible to win at Kingdoms Live?

Winning the Kingdoms Live game is a relative term. As time goes on, expansions and additions to the game are going to keep it growing and expanding. What is possible for the short term is building your alliance to the point that you and your crew simply dominate the game.cialis online Having a huge horde means not only will you be able to combat advanced raids with more power, but new levels will become accessible as you expand your crew. The secret to PvP battles is also related to the size of your crew. Since in Kingdoms Live the size of your team is relative to your level, and as a result the level of the people you can battle, growing up your army is a surefire way to get ahead in Kingdoms Live.

KingdomsLiveCode.com to the rescue!

We created this site for the same reason you just found yourself here.payday loans As players ourselves, we wanted a cheap, free and easy resource to leave our codes and pick up new ones for our favorite game. As the competition gets harder the higher up the Kingdoms Live ladder you go, we wanted to create a competitive edge for those looking to get a little payback, and grow to the point of domination.

Add your code and take a few at KingdomsLiveCode.com

You know the old “take a penny, leave a penny” same concept here at KingdomsLiveCode.com, except we don’t change you a, well, anything.  The idea is to be considerate to the other players trying to build their hordes and

Storm8 Kingdoms Live Code
1. 87TGRF 2. DP3P4P 3. EKXCP9 4. YGPV3W 5. 3469FQ
11. QXS87V 12. Y9CTAJ 13. 4YK28V 14. 6U5VA9 15. E2R46G
16. W4JEP7 17. 5XAK7R 18. 38B4EG 19. X24ACM 20. GJJ8GR
21. 4S2DAG 22. 2Z12VN 23. HJVJ7K 24. YAXAU8 25. AC8XCW
26. P655T2 27. 55BPHA 28. YXQRUR 29. CAAWE8 30. JE5N95
31. G53BFE 32. C3WHAS 33. F5RDFK 34. K2YUNE 35. 3WSHSC
36. NVDXFQ 37. R6SFYT 38. R48G9A 39. ETK2JB 40. YBM282
41. EVMTSN 42. DJ54X4 43. C7SR85 44. K5TQ4T 45. R39DCB
46. FB3W76 47. GSTWVS 48. ADSWKH 49. NGYBWV 50. KS5626
51. 4FC5EM 52. QJ3P26 53. NJXN7C 54. A5VHWY 55. ND24YS
56. G6UP9A 57. M6NBXV 58. R6SFYT 59. X8YBPB 60. YSBGRU
61. S34K82 62. AJN4EW 63. MXK975 64. 96BBVU 65. TRY6XX
66. H3YRKA 67. ANAE53 68. UH3UUQ 69. YWTPTP 70. 8R8SAH
71. UTFYDT 72. XSUJTS 73. SKXMYD 74. TKYE6E 75. 8CD9DN
76. 8SSYF5 77. GPMT8X 78. BX4HPN 79. CXRGGD 80. KKBNYN
81. 5SXQCB 82. DFYDX8 83. HJMGPS 84. NQK2UJ 85. SKXMYD
86. M6U82C 87. S8VFWK 88. W79K4X 89. 9TDYW6 90. 4WWUHY
91. JT5YFM 92. BPCDTQ 93. JHKKNN 94. TQ7JW8 95. GBNKN4
96. D4R9WW 97. TYYHET 98. 6DX2YU 99. RT69GP 100. 9BCQA5